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General questions regarding the entrance doors

Which is the oolor of the doors
  • Ouside colors is a RAL-Color like  you wantor a  special Colors
  • For WH75 und WH94 the inside colour is white
  • You can choose the inside colour when you choose the option  TH +. In this case you can ask regarding the inside colours:white, antarcith, red, green, braun or other (please ask).
Wath is TH+
  • TH+ ist a methode to improve the thermal insulation also the door wings is covered with both side with aluminum. 
  • The both side is covered with 1.5 mm Aluminum painted in desired colour. 
  • The alumium doors type  ALU105 it is from start with TH+.
Which kind of glass is in the door
  • Standard satin glass with  3 layers VSG 3.1.3 + 4 LowE+ VSG 3.1.3 satiniert. 
  • For your desire you can choose for extrap price  4 layers glass VSG 3.1.3 + 4 LowE+ 4 mm LowE+ VSG 3.1.3 satiniert
  • For your desire you can choose also diffrent model of glass or a transparent glass for extra Price.
  • It si posiible to use together with AV3 a motor for automatisation EAV3.
  • For order this Motor you can use diffrent kind of control. we deliver one of the best in the market from  Idencom
  • Fingerprint,
  • Codetaster,
  • Bluetooth.


General questions regarding the windows.

Which is the best windows for me?

To find the right plastic windows, we have put together a brief overview of the thermal insulation properties of the window systems here. Not everyone is a professional and understands the many technical terms. That is why you will find so you can read the table correctly, here is a brief summary. How well contained a window can be the Uw value read (More information about the U-value can be found here).

Dabei ist der Uw-Wert (w=window) der Gesamtwert aus:

  • Uf-Wert (f=frame), das ist der U-Wert des Rahmens
  • Ug-Wert (g=glazing), das ist der U-Wert für die Verglasung

Der U-Wert lässt sich durch bestimmte Bauteile verbessern:

  • Profil
  • Glas-Abstandhalter
  • Verglasung (2fach/3fach)
Which kind of hardware

Winkhaus Propilot WK2 Sicherheitsbeschlag (Qualitäts Beschlag in „Edelstahl-Optik“).

Passiv Windows??

Our  BluEvolution 92:

Technical date:

up Uw = 0,67 W/(m²K)

je nach Verglasung möglich

Schallschutz bis 47 dB

Einbruchhemmung bis RC 2