Prestige 92 Elegance


bE 5 (Blue Evolution V) BluEvolution 5 - German perfection. This is the latest profile on the market, while it is characterized with the optimal overall depth (92mm), which ensures excellent thermal insulation and maximum energy efficiency. The use of low frame and sash profile allows for better illumination of rooms. The application of the third seal (sg center seal) further improves the acoustic and thermal properties of the window.

With a standard glazing prestige reaches a thermal insulation value of Uw = 0.82 W / m²K. 3 seals, available either black or gray, provide reliable protection against driving rain and high tightness. 92 mm depth leave enough space for the installation of special stiffening profiles which provide for excellent stability. The standard thermal insulation value
is Uw = 0.82 W / m²K.
With a top glazing a value of Uw = 0.72 W / m²K can be achieved. The colorful design is possible with aluminum shell, acrylic color or decorative film. Due to the geometry of the profile, it achieves a good thermal insulation; The massive construction and it reaches a very good stability, strong reinforcement.

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