Window system bluEvolution. The window of the future.

The profile bluEvolution system combines next-generation advanced technology and modern, businesslike design for a new generation of first-class window. The optimized 6-chamber design with a depth of 92 mm results in excellent thermal protection and best energy efficiency. Connected with a slim width of only 118 mm, solar gains by high light and environmental sustainability of a 100% recyclable plastic is bluEvolution the window system of the future. bluEvolution is in many ways the correct plastic window for your new construction, reconstruction or renovation.


Areas of use:

Rotating, tilting, tilt and turn windows, secondary entrance.


Technical Specifications:

  • Uf = 1 W / m²K Sound insulation up to 39 dB
  • Ug = glassing 0.7 W / m²K standard
  • Ug = 0.5 W / m²K Optionalle glassing
  • Burglar resistance to RC 2 All the facts
  • Perfection - made in Germany high level of quality through continuous monitoring of production Profile Profile highest standards according to RAL A-Guidelines-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship ensure long life and value of plastic windows and doors minimum maintenance by the highly compacted surface.
  • Protection against heat, heat and cold - optimal energy efficiency - excellent heat protection and thereby reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions make bluEvolution a truly climate-friendly window system
  • Climate and environmental protection - sustained for generations - pioneering sustainability through design on the planned requirements of the next Energy Saving Ordinance complete recyclability of the entire window profile separable by variety, first-class plastic
  • Protection against noise, burglary and driving rain completely secure, well protected - peace of mind to sound, driving rain and burglary thanks to the high overall depth and the three levels of
  • Shape and color-stylish-wide design spectrum diversity in form and color with modern, sleek profile views