White -Panel with 20 mm stainless steel and mahogany decoration on a WH94 door.

Bring color to your life.

Welthaus intends to offer a new perspective on color.
A new design, a new concept.

We offer every kind of color, each kind of color combination.
You can model your door itself. You can choose either alone or together with your architect and designer door the perfect model for your home.
Do not hesitate to have courage to modernize the design of your home.
Our approach will help you to do this.
Our color range is available from Akzo Nobel, one of the largest paint manufacturer in the world. finishing:
-a very glossy - finish with varnish übergelegtem
shining like a glass
but a painted a little mat Decorations:

  • 1. Stainless steel decoration can be done in two versions: high gloss and brushed.
  • 2. Aluminum decoration can be made in a different structure and color as the bottom door panel.
  • 3. Wood patterns can be made in different structures: Golden oak, mahogany, walnut, dark oak.
  • The decor can also be painted.
  • 4. Special - decoration we offer a special design - such as in automotive technology - Structure with different starting wood, carbon fiber, stone, marble, concrete and perhaps everything you can imagine. Start to discuss with our specialists decoration.
Metal gray -Panel, red wine ornament Aluminium 3 mm, 3 layers of sandblasted glass with 5-8 mm lines. LED door sill lighting Brushed Stainless Steel on a matt glass. Can be used for any type of glass in each door model.