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General questions regarding door fittings

Opening the box
  • Be careful the door is very heavy, some type can reach over 300 kg, usually 120-150 kg. Must be more then one man.
  • Welthaus door in boxWelthaus door box
  • Welthaus box doorWelthaus Screw driver
  • Put the box on the long side in horizontal position.  
  • With an electrical screwdriver unscrew, after that take down the cover of the box.
  • Inside you will find the door covered in protection foil and a package with accessories and the papers
  • Be careful when you take down the protection foil - do not use cutters etc. to damage the perfect surface of the door.
  • Be careful, maybe your door is with glass: don't use hammer to broke the glass.
  • Take out the door and put near a wall.
  • When you have sidelights you have more boxes. Open all the boxes and put the sidelights around the door.
  • Please check the boxes contains. Inside of the box you will find all you have ordered. 
Preparing the place
  • The place must be perfect clean. Work clean!
  • In an area of 3-5 meters please clean the place.
  • Avoid pets, children.
  • On a new building and recommend also on the old one make a perfect surface , plaster this with concrete.
  • Verify the vertical and horizontal of the surfaces 
  • Also verify the dimension of the gap you have and that of the door received BEFORE taking the old door out.
Verify the tools, materials
  • You must have some tools: a hammer, a rubber hammer preferable white, an electrical screwdriver, a spirit level,  some screwdrivers, a rotary, small wooden wedges etc..
  • You must have fittings screws(10-16)- be careful must be good quality.
  • Fittings screw WelthausWelthaus screw fittings
  • You need PU Foam- one of good quality
  • Welthaus FoamMontageband WelthausMontage band Haustuer
  • If you want to make a professional fittings conform CE norm you need a tape to cover the PU foam. There are different tape for inside and outside- you need between 8-16 m of tape.
Take out the door wing from the frame
  • Put the door in a vertical position and open with the inside handle.
  • Be careful is very heavy. You need more people to help.
  • If your door is with motor or other electrical parts, between the wing and frame you will find an electrical connector.
  • Take it out this using a screw driver.
  • Also in this case you have in the back of the frame an electrical cable. Be careful with this. Avoid damages.
  • Open at 90 degrees and push the wing up take out from the frame.
  • You can not take out if is not completely opened.
  • Put the wing near a wall.
  • Now the frame is not so heavy. YEAH!!!!
Tape fitting on the frame
  • If you make a CE Norm fitting you must put the tape on the frame.
  • Montageband WelthausMontage band Haustuer
  • Usually the tape must be put on the frame before fitting the frame in its place. 
  • The tape is self adhesive tape and you can easily apply it on the frame.
  • On the corner let it be longer, you must have enough here to cover the foam.
Put the frame in its place. Fit it !!
  • Take the frame and align with the wall in the right place.
  • If it is an old building you must put it in the same place but where is a new building you must put it where the medium isotherm of the 10 Celsius degrees, cross the frame at about 5 cm from outside. If on your plan it isn't marked this isotherm you can ask your building engineer. Also if he doesn't know, the best is to put in the middle of the wall in case of traditional wall, or at the exterior when you make a thermal insulation over the wall.
  • After this decision you must align the frame to be vertical.
  • Under the threshold has to be something strong: concrete, stone, wood piece, additional profile... .
  • You can not put foam under the door. You can use only a little silicon to make the insulation.
  • Check with the level spirit to be Okay. Use small wood edges to align and fix.
  • After that take the screws and fix in the wall.
  • Check continuously with the spirit level to be Okay.
  • To avoid the deformation of the frame, before you put the foam you must cut some adequate wood pieces and put it beetween the frame and the wall. If it is a good space fix, you dont need that.
Fitting the door wing! Now we can MOVE!!
  • Check the strenght of the frame fixing. 
  • Take the door leaf, must be 2-3 men lift- is very heavy- align the back part of the door sash with the frame a little bit upper from the frame 5-8 cm.
  • Align all the 3 hinges to enter the bolt from the door sash hinges part inside the hinges from the frame side.
  • Try to close the door from inside- must have the key in your pocket and also the inside handle fitted.
  • Do not close from outside, you can be left outside and can't enter if the key is not with you.
  • Try to close easily and check if the door sash moves without problems up and down, back and forth.
  • The door sash must move easily.
  • Check down - the door must cover the threshold between 5-8 mm.
  • Check up - also the same .
  • You can adjust the height of the door sash from the hinges- look at the video from Simonswerk.
  • Check the right position in the back and front of the door sash.
  • The gaskets must go around the frame uniform inside and outside.
  • From the hinges you can make the adjustments. The door sash must be on the middle of the frame to cover uniform UP, DOWN, FRONT and BACK.
Checking the closing system. Excellent!!!
  • For a good function of this automatic closing system you must check the gap between the wing and the frame. 
  • You have a small plastic piece on the AV3 closing system. Please be careful don't damage it when you try to close.
  • that piece is very important to maintain a minimal gap between the wing and the frame.
  • if this piece is damaged the system will not work correctly
  • On the wing is also a little metal piece. Push this an the parrot beak(2 pairs) up and down must came out easily.
  • Open the door whith the inside handle
  • Try this movement for more times. Must work perfectly.
  • Some explanation: this metal piece is pushed by a magnet that you can find on the opposite part, on the frame, when you close the door.
Fixing the inside and outside handle. YEAH almost finish!!
  • Be careful the keys must be in your pocket or better outside!!
  • Inside handle usually is fixed with screws to the wing. Use the correct screws and fix on it.
  • Outside bar handle has two pieces allready fixed on the door.
  • Unscrew the 2 small screws from the handle and fix on it, after screw back.
  • Now your door is ready to use.
  • You must cover the tape or the foam!!
  • You can use some special baguette - you can buy from any builder`s merchant- that is the easy way.
  • You can also use insulation from Styropor or other material.
  • BUT you must cover the foam. Usually the foam is not UV resistant and in short time, 1-3 months, is destroyed.
Foam application! URAAH!!
  • Take a water spray and carefuly spray water around the frame where the PU foam will be.
  • The water helps to harden the foam and helps the foam to be strong and uniform.
  • It is generally know the PU foam needs 80-90 % relative air humidity.
  • The wall must be clean avoid dust, avoid bad contact between the foam and the wall.
  • Apply the foam uniform around the door, starting from down to up. 
  • You can apply in more layers but the best is in one go from down to up.
  • To help the foam quality, after 5-10 minutes you can spray water in the air around the door- that is necessary when it is cold, generally the cold air has less humidity.
Finish the frame fixing
  • Wait a while and check if the foam is strong.
  • You can use a 2 mm wire. The foam must be on the entire thickness strong and dry. 
  • Some foam brands are dry in 10 minutes other in 2-3 hours or maybe more- depend from a lot of things including the temperature- in winter use a winter foam.
  • Cut the foam around the door at  the level of the frame.
  • Be careful with the cutter don't damage the door inside or outside.
  • After that you can glue the tape. The wall must be clean.  
  • If the auto adhesive tape can not be glued you can use a special silicon to glue and make the insulation of the foam area.
  • It is very important that the foam to be insulated relative to the plaster with this tape.
  • That  warranty a long life time for the foam and for general house insulation.