WeltHaus Door ALU 105 system Aluminium 100%. 



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DeLux ALU 105 system is 100% aluminum with 4 seals.

ALU 105 System are our premium doors made from a combination of full aluminum profiles system + aluminum door panel, covered inside and outside.

The advantages of ALU 105 system:

- high mechanical stability;

- high thermal insulation;

- 4 seals in the whole door frame;

- available in all models;

- different colours and combination colours possible. Matt powder coated fine structured colours!

- inside and outside in RAL colour (of choice) powder coated. Standard- in the same main colour inside and outside or on request you can choose different colours;

- one of the newest automatic multi-point hardware in the world, with several innovation, Winkhaus - AV3;

- 3D- dimensional adjustable Rollhinges.


 Date about ALU 105:

- Ud value of the door to 0.65 W/m2K.

- Safety up to RC2.

- Soundproofing> 36 dB. 

    ALU 105 are our standard full aluminum door system, made in a special, very strong aluminum, with a total depth of 105 mm.

The frame:

- exclusive design;

- the aspect is very beautiful with round corner, powder coated in the desired color;

- frame depth is 92 mm; 

- the aluminum threshold is 20 mm height and 95 mm depth with 3 seals and 2 brushes. 

The sash:

- is a monoblock with aluminum plates covered inside and outside - which ensure a high stability for a long period of time;

- the door panel is a combination of several insulation materials, so that the entire single-block becomes a very stable structure with a depth of 85 mm;

- 3 layer laminated safety glass Ud 0,5 / 43dB standard frosted glass;

- the decorations are made of satin stainless steel.

Standard in the price:

- different colors and combination colors possible. Finely textured powder coated colors (Matte)!

- 4 Seals in the whole door frame;

- Aluminum threshold thermal separately 20 mm height, with 3 seals and 2 brushes;

- AV3 Mechanical - Automatic locking system with Winkhaus daytime;

- 3D-dimensional adjustable Rollhinges;

- Inside and outside handle;

- Cylinders 5 keys;

- Wooden box packing;

- 90° fastening system with stainless steel handle - for a better stability and easy access to the cylinder lock!

Available options: 

- EAV3 motorized automatic lock with codetaster, fingerprint, Bluetooth;

- Inside and outside different handle models;

- House number, scratch protection, weather protection;

- Sidelights /skylights;

- Illumination with LED (white, blue or RGB) in glass (infinty mirror) and door threshold;

- Additional profiles.


 Configures the door


And other options on demand, depending on the possibilities. Please contact us.

It is possible to make the height of the door set to a maximum of 2.8 meters.

Delivery time: After receipt of payment and technical clarification, it takes about 20-30 working days to complete your order confirmation from Welthaus Haustür.

 Configures the door