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General questions regarding the entrance doors

Which is the color of the doors
  • Ouside color is a RAL-Color or a special Color.
  • For WH75 and WH94 the inside colour is white.
  • For ALU90 and ALU105 the inside can be the same colour as the outside.
What is TH+
  • TH+ is a methode to improve the thermal insulation and the door wing is covered on both sides with aluminum. 
  • The alumium door types  ALU105 and ALU90 it is from start with TH+.
What kind of glass is in the door
  • Standard satin glass with  3 layers VSG 3.1.3 satin + 4 LowE+ VSG 3.1.3 satin. 
  • You can choose transparent glass or sandblasted with design for extra Price.
  • It si posiible to use together with AV3 a motor for EAV3.
  • EAV3 can be used with many unlocking options such as intercoms, transponder,.... as long as it works on 12V. 
  • Fingerprint,
  • Codetaster.