The window wall consists of a substructure of rectangular steel tubes, the window elements and different cladding profiles made of plastic. The problem with any window wall of the coupling region and particularly the intersection point of the clashing frame. For here it applies not only to guarantee the required elongation, but also take the front coupling profile. A specially designed coupling profile is these two demands. The required tightness in the horizontal coupling region is another critical point of the window wall. This is achieved by a transverse seal across the interconnection points addition. In addition, the design provides for the use of a sealing foil, which is glued on one side to said transverse sealing and on the other to the steel structure. Can be inferred from the outside water seepage safe and controlled. Another meaningful detail solution is the outer vertical pilaster. Their narrow face width harmonizes very well with the horizontal, staggered in depth cover profiles, which contributes to a coherent overall impression. Are new to the window wall and the inner cladding profiles for steel construction. While previous sub-structures had to be painted in many cases, the new profiles enable a rational disguise. They are simply clipped onto the rectangular tubes and thus form an attractive interior.


Advantages of the window wall:* Sufficient expansion in the coupling region
* Secure and controlled discharge of seeping water
* Consistent appearance by vertical pilaster
* Easy and fast execution of the installation work
* Participation in the award of windows and staircases
* Same color failure of windows and window wall